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Whether the focus of the project is offsetting current energy usage and reducing energy bills or investing in large scale solar farms, at Radius Technology our team works with our clients to develop commercial solar power systems that reflect their energy usage and budget.

By examining your energy profile, site & location variables, and then listening to your financial goals, Radius Technology is able to calculate the size of commercial solar power installation most appropriate and map a time-line for realising untapped potential in your energy consumption habits.

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Recent Projects

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    Hilton Manufacturing

    98.6 kW rooftop system

    Featuring 340 PV smart modules with power optimization from Tigo Energy. The system is also equipped with inverter technology from ABB and Hilton Manufacturing's own dual-axis sun trackers, which sets the record for Australia's largest commercial PV system with tracking capabilities.

    Additionally, the installation is supported by an on-site weather station that monitors wind speed to protect the array during periods of high winds, as well as a live webcam that allows viewers to remotely observe system performance.

    A video tour of the project can be viewed on YouTube.

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PV Solar Panels




Smart Modules

Tigo Energy's smart modules allow you to monitor the performance of your array of PV panels in real time and from any location with it’s remote management.

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