Data Sheets, IES Files & Photometrics

You can download all of our products' Specifications, Data Sheets and IES Files from the list below, or from the individual product page. You can view and print these files by using Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you don’t have Acrobat Reader already installed, you can download it here.

Solar Lights

antares 2000 P70-160
antares 2000 P150-160
antares 2000 twin P150-160
antares 4000 P100-160
antares 4000 P200-160
antares 4000 P200-215
antares 4000 twin P200-160
antares 4000 twin P200-215
antares 8000 P200-160
antares 8000 P200-215
antares 8000 twin P400-215
antares 16000 P400-215
antares 16000 twin P800-215