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Up until now all solar lights in Australia have used a flat solar panel. This creates a variety of issues from maintanence to wind restrictions and most obviously, the final design of the light itself.

HEI have developed a new technology which allows the solar collection panel to be integrated in to the pole of the light. This patented design known as the Powertube is not only highly functional, but also quite beautiful in its application. A fully programmable micro processor is mated to high performance, 75,000 hour, individually replaceable LED's. Add to this a simple and low cost installation and you can see why the HEI Solar Light is an amazing solar solution.



Award-winning product design, project specific lighting design according to international standards, customized product-design for specific requirements.


Cutting-edge products and pioneering innovations in efficient and solar outdoor lighting. Commited to continous R&D and newest technologies.

Cost Savings

Solar street lighting with minimized total costs (TCO) due to fair initial costs, no grid-connection, and maintenance-free light poles with excellent efficiency.


Premium products from the heart of Europe, Austrian engineering based on long-time experience, outstanding quality and reliability for long life-span.


Uncompromisingly environmental-friendly products: utmost efficiency, solar energy, minimal ecological footprint, highest quality for long life-span.

Recent Projects

  • thredbo

    Thredbo Ski Village, NSW

    Hei Antares 2000 P100

    "The lights have performed flawlessly in the Alpine environment of Thredbo, surviving significant snowfalls and periods of time without direct sunlight. Feedback from resort staff and guests has been enormously positive and we have used the installation as a demonstration of Thredbo’s commitment to operating in an environmentally sustainable manner."

    Euan Diver | Environmental Services Manager
    Kosciuszko Thredbo Pty Ltd

    Download the full media release.

A solar light to suit every application...


HEI Champ, the solar pioneer with outstanding design. A decorative, award-winning solar light pole for professional architectural outdoor lighting applications such as squares, promenades and boulevards. 100 percent self-sustaining. First solar light pole worldwide with integrated cylindrical photovoltaic element..

Key Features
Light source 6-10 High-efficiency LEDs
Max. LED power 24 - 40 Watt
Max. luminous flux 3,840 - 6,400 lm
Pole height 6.05 m
Light spot height4.00 m
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Champ Solar Light Poles


HEI Mira is a family of decorative, self-sustaining and maintenance-free solar light poles for outdoor lighting applications such as residential streets, bicycle tracks or parking sites. Award-winning, protected design. Full solar power supply, no grid-connection required. Mira solar light poles are available in various heights and luminaire wattages.

Key Features
Light source 3 - 2x 10 high eff. LED units
Max. LED power 12 - 2x 40 Watt
Max. luminous flux 1,920 - 2x 6,400 lm
Pole height 5.00 - 12.70 m
Light spot height 4.80 - 12.45 m
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Mira Solar Lights


HEI Lukida, a family of aesthetic columns with integrated photovoltaics and luminaire for decorative outdoor lighting applications, when design matters. Available in various heights, diameters and wattages. For public and private lighting applications such as gardens, parks, boulevards, and secondary roads..

Key Features
Light source 6 - 10 high eff. LED units
Max. LED power 13 - 70 Watt
Max. luminous flux 1,870 - 2x 5,540 lm
Pole height 4.00 - 12.50 m
Light spot height 3.95 - 12.50 m
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Lukida Solar Lights


HEI Columba, the fusion of solar and light. High-end solar light columns with unique luminaire shell-design for architectural lighting applications with highest design expectations. Available in various heights and wattages for parking sites, secondary and main roads, etc. Full solar power supply, no grid required.

Key Features
Light source 8 - 4x 8 high eff. LED units
Max. LED power 32 - 4x 32 Watt
Max. luminous flux 5,1200 - 4x 5,120 lm
Pole height 6.30 - 14.30 m
Light spot height 6.00 - 14.00 m
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Columba Solar Lights


Outstanding performance at minimum costs. The HEI Antares family consists of 14 different versions of self-sustaining and maintenance-free solar light poles, covering almost all kind of outdoor lighting applications such as pathways, secondary roads and highways. Antares is available as single and double arm light pole, and with pole heights ranging from 4.5 m up to 16 m.

Key Features
Light source 3 - 2 x 20 High-efficiency LED units
Max. LED power 12 - 2 x 80 Watt
Max. luminous flux 1,920 - 2 x 12,800 lm
Pole height 4.60 - 14.10 m
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Solar Panels

Antares Solar Advertising

Street lighting for free.
HEI Antares advertising, a sunny and commercially highly profitable combination of solar street light poles and LED advertising boxes. Self-sustaining solar power supply for minimum initial installation costs, avoiding expensive grid connection. A product family which enables new financing models for both advertising companies as well as municipalities: refinancing the light poles by renting out the advertising space..

Key Features
Light source 5 - 2 x 20 High-efficiency LED units
Max. LED power 20 - 2 x 80 Watt
Max. luminous flux 3,200 - 2 x 12,800 lm
Pole height 2.30 - 14.10 m
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Solar Panels

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